Growing up in Canada, Gena Pemberton was surrounded by all groups of people. But that didn’t mean she was always seen or heard by her peers. As VP Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Omnicom Health Group, she takes those past experiences to guide her work. She views DE&I as planning a party. Diversity is about who gets invited to the party. Inclusion is being at the party, and belonging is being asked to dance. Equity is being able to create the playlist — can I choose the songs?

Check out the latest episode of Healthy Perspectives and hear Gena talk about how the conversation about DE&I in the workplace has changed and why it’s important to create a supportive work environment.

The idea of accessibility has changed since the introduction of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. The original focus of the ADA was to ensure businesses and workplaces were physically accessible to all people. But as times have changed and people rely on the internet more, it’s important to keep those same principles in the digital space. In the latest episode of Healthy Perspectives, our host, Kate Rubin, is joined by Patients & Purpose’s UX lead, Lauren Walliman, to chat about her work in making digital products and content accessible to users of all abilities.

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What does the continued growth and evolution of telehealth mean for patients and your brand? To answer that question, we’ve zeroed in on the data and insights that reveal the impact of telehealth through the patient lens. In this first quarterly report, we’ll explore the following key themes:

  • The shift from curiosity to trial
  • The value that’s driving adoption
  • Why telehealth is good for all patients but not good all the time
  • How virtual visits may compromise quality of care

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Artist and activist Afdhel Aziz, founder of Conspiracy of Love, stopped by the pod to tell us about the work he does in helping some of the world’s biggest brands find purpose and meaning in the work they do. Listen in to this inspirational episode with guest host Simon Mason, EVP of Copy at Patients & Purpose!

TikTok may be fairly new to the social media scene, but it’s already rivaling other platform giants with its personalized feeds of creative and informative short videos. TikTok’s rise in popularity and the increasing amount of healthcare content may indicate it’s time for pharma marketers to engage with the platform. Listen in as Jynette DeMarco, Associate Director of Digital Strategy at Patients & Purpose, explains this social phenomenon and how brands can tap into the TikTok culture.

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